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Booking Fee

$200 of the total hiring cost. Fee to be paid within 7 days of booking. 

Full Hire Cost MUST be paid prior to the booked date.

Public Liability Insurance

Copy of Public Liability Insurance must be given to the  secretary before booking is confirmed.

Key Deposit $20 


Loss or Non return of Key 

$20 key deposit will not be refunded and the cost for lock replacement and fitting will be deducted from the bond.

Early Cancellation

50% of booking fee will be refunded if booking is cancelled 8 weeks prior to the event.

If booking is cancelled 4 weeks prior to the event NO REFUND will be given


  1. Responsibility for Public Liability is with the organization/group hiring the theatre.

  2. The theatre will be available at an agreed time on the day of booking and/or as stated in the confirmation letter.

  3. The theatre must be vacated and the key returned by 11am the day following booking date unless otherwise arranged in confirmation letter.

  4. Backdrop can be removed but must not be damaged and must be re-hung.

  5. A maximum of THREE adults will be permitted in lighting box at any one time. 

    1. Children are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED  in the lighting box. 

  6. All lighting and sound equipment is to be operated by ADULTS ONLY or the club approved individual. (Adolescents may be able to operate equipment only after negotiation with the secretary).  

  7. Instructions on operating the technical equipment will be given to the approved individuals before the booking date. These individuals will be the ONLY people permitted to handle and use this equipment. If there are ANY problems using the equipment please contact the secretary. 

  8. STRICTLY NO Smoking anywhere on the premises.

  9. The Piano MUST NOT be played or moved without prior arrangement. 

  10. All props and costumes belonging to the club are NOT to be touched or moved without prior arrangement with the Secretary.



Props - ALL props, costumes or set pieces ARE TO BE TAKEN with the hiring group at the end of

each hire day. None of the above equipment is to be stored at the theatre on non hire 

days without prior arrangement with the secretary. 


Seating - A seating plan will be provided to you when you receive your booking forms. PLEASE NOTE that the seating shown on this plan is the approved capacity for the theatre. UNDER NO CONDITIONS are any extra seats to be set out or sold during your booking. 


It is also the responsibility of hiring group/organisation to obtain the necessary permits/licences under the Liquor Control Act for the provision of alcohol during your function and to comply with all or any terms and conditions that may be applicable thereto.


All areas that have been used during hire MUST BE CLEANED and ALL RUBBISH REMOVED prior to returning the venue key

Foyer - Wood Floor 

  • Not to be damaged by misused (general wear and tear acceptable).    

  • NOT to be mopped.  

  • Spillages to be wiped with cloth immediately.  


  • The bond will be returned within 2 weeks of booking once satisfactory inspection of Theatre has taken place.

  • If there is any damage or property loss the hiring organization/group will be notified in writing.

  • Cost of repair or replacement or cleaning will be deducted from the bond.  The organization/group hiring the theatre will be responsible for any costs over and above the $250 bond incurred by Manjimup Repertory Club Inc.


All lights, air conditioners/heaters, urns or any other electrical items MUST NOT be left on whilst the theatre is unoccupied under any circumstances.

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