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Out of the Frying Pan
December 1979
Dial M for Murder
December 1979
Postal Orders
(Best Set Bunbury Festival)

October 1979
A Bird in the Hand
June 1979
Western Music Hall
April 1979
Jack and the Beanstalk
December 1978
The Treatment
September 1978
Billy Liar
July 1978
Falling Upstairs
May 1978
Old Time Music Hall
March 1978
Suddenly at Home
September 1977
Footsteps of Doves
June 1977
As Good As New
June 1977
Old Time Music Hall
April 1977
Hans, the Witch and the Goblin
December 1976
Don't Start Without Me
September 1976
Killing Sister George
June 1976
Old Time Music Hall
March 1976
Allova Dinn
December 1975
The Anniversay
October 1975
Boeing Boeing
July 1975
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