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An Evening of Comedy
September 1989
3 One Act Plays
May 1987
Little Red Riding Hood
December 1986
The Way Things Are
October 1986
Roadshow '86
August 1986
Steptoe & Son - The Lodger
May 1986
The Valient
(Crowea Festival Winner)

May 1986
The Wages of Sin
May 1986
As Good As New
and Songs from the Shows

February 1986
Alright on the Night
(Bunbury Festival Winner)

October 1984
The Chocolate Frog
October 1984
The Wizard of Oz
August 1984
Third Party Risk
(Crowea Festival Winner)

May 1984
Babes in the Wood
December 1983
The Shadow Before
October 1983
Romanoff & Juliet
July 1983
A Gown for the Theatre
June 1983
Title Still Undecided
June 1983
Arty Crafty or Just Plain Murder
March 1983
A Christmas Surprise
December 1982
Winter Follies
August 1982
We Can't Pay We Won't Pay
July 1982
The Kite
June 1982
The Chocolate Frog
February 1982
My Fair Lady
September 1981
June 1981
(Crowea Festival Winner)

May 1981
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